B2B Platform for traders & suppliers

Upgrade your business operations, by automating time consuming procedures and unlock your full potential.

What is a B2B platform?

It's the touchpoint, where a customer meets their supplier, able to explore every product that's available with one click. In essence, it acts as a base where the merchant shows products and the customer chooses what they want, submitting their order directly online, without the unnecessary friction. 

The eB2B is an ideal solution that perfectly serves a b2b company, as it systematizes the flow of communication between the two parties, releasing useful resources of the company that can be used in other more productive areas (e.g. product research & development, finding new opportunities, etc.).

...and how it works?

The operation of the platform is relatively simple, as all the trader has to do is register his available products and his existing customer base. After completion, customer will be able to place orders online 24/7 without hassle.

The eB2B has specially designed dashboards, one for the merchant who will be able to manage the stock and one for the customer that will give the opportunity to submit the orders online.



  • Online ordering
  • Offerings
  • Special discounts
  • Customer groups
  • Statistics
  • Inventory management


  • Product exploring
  • Order placing 24/7
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Ask for special quote


  • Easy prospecting
  • Commission calculation
  • Customer management
  • Omnichannel access
  • Intelligence sharing


The platform is designed to be used by "non-experts". The well-structured information within the dashboard allows you to navigate and discover exactly what you want in a very easy manner. However, if you ever encounter any problem, our team will immediately step in for further clarification.

Regardless of commercial ERP software, the platform can get and send APIs to and from any source. This practically means that your stock and your entire catalog can be perfectly synchronized.

Yes, the seller will be able to have his own dashboard which gives him the ability to manage his own customer accounts. Indicatively, the salesperson will be able to place the customer in any customer group, give special discounts and submit orders for their behalf

The requirements are simple, as all you need is an existing product catalogue (electronic or not) from which products can be extracted as well as the corresponding presentation photos. In case there are no photos then you can put similar ones which will be displayed as indicative.

Although the eB2B platform does not have a specific app for android and iOS, it is fully responsive for mobile devices. This means that having a smartphone and an internet connection, you can log to the admin panel very easily and perform the desired tasks.


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